Over 12 Hours of Brahman Training In One Comprehensive Course

Learn how to operate a successful Brahman operation from start to finish in this 12 hour online course by Brandon & Rachel Cutrer. Learn everything from breeding, management, marketing and more.
  • Brahman Attributes

    Learn why Brahman is important and where they best work and a little breed history.

  • Breeding & Selection

    Learn our philosophies of what it takes to breed championship caliber cattle that still perform and are efficient

  • Daily Management

    We'll walk you through day to day management including calving, weaning, bull management, heifer development, mature cattle management, donors, and more.

  • Performance and Disposition

    Get all of our performance measurement tools, tips on cattle handling, and more.

  • Business Management and Marketing

    Learn about setting up your business, get a 5 year marketing plan, and tips on record keeping.

  • Troubleshooting and FAQs

    We'll share our most common "problems" we run into on the ranch and how to fix them.

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In this Course, You'll Get:

  • 12 Hours of Training

    Over 12 hours of training specialized for Brahman cattle from experts Brandon and Rachel Cutrer

  • Lifetime Access

    LIFETIME access to the course so you can watch over and over again. Includes bonus PDFs to print and review.

  • Access to the Brahman Academy Community

    Access to our private educational Facebook group

  • Bonus Digital Asset Bundles

    Bonus digital asset bundles and PDF printables of our bull development guides, judging Brahman cattle guides, and more!

  • Bonus Videos

    Bonus videos added periodically of day to day ranch life tips and strategies to make your ranch life easier.

Meet Your Instructors

Brandon & Rachel Cutrer

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer are Brahman nerds ready to share their love of Brahman with you! They're the perfect pair of old-school Brahman family heritage (Rachel) and blue-collar Brahman hard work (Brandon). Together, they specialize in elevating and innovating the Brahman breed. In this course, the Cutrer's provide over 12 hours of Brahman training and coaching based on their hands-on experiences and success in breeding championship Brahman cattle, leading the breed's performance improvement efforts, incorporating genomics, day-to-day management from birth to weaning to breeding, business management for your ranch, and marketing. The Cutrer's are taking the Brahman breed to new heights and dedicated to helping other Brahman breeders do the same.

Rachel holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Texas A&M and a M.S. in Communications from Michigan State. Brandon holds a B.S. in Ag Economics from Mississippi State. But, their experiences are gained from hands on hard work, trial and error, and learning from Brahman mentors throughout their life. These experiences are all shared in The Brahman Academy.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it.

"Although we’ve never met, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to educate. In the 8 months my daughter and I have been doing this I have found that more times than not people want to insult or ridicule the newbies rather than educate and help them. You are a true gem of the Brahman breed. You are rare, and we appreciate you! You are exactly the kind of breeder I want to be and want to raise my daughter to be."

- B.P.

"From a young cattleman. Thank y’all for being so open to people’s questions. When I was younger I had this messed up view point that If people weren’t raised in the business and working cattle as soon as they could walk that they didn't belong in this industry. I was foolish. So I just wanted to say thank y’all for what you’re doing and the course is amazing."

- A.G.

"I know the course is 12 hours but I've probably watched it three times! I just keep going back and soaking up more and more every time. Thank you for doing this. It's been a life-saver for me."

- T.T.

In our industry, your brand is more than just a name. It’s a trusted brand built by one of the leading Brahman families. Welcome to the family.